Same Day Service $225

Extra Costs:

Post: Documents placed on door within 2 days. $45

Sheriff Serve: additional fee for all Sheriff serves to offset additional costs related to serving via law enforcement officer. $85

Additional Addresses: If a serve address is updated after a server has made any or all 4 attempts on the original address. The new address will be treated as a new job at the same rate. 4 attempts will be made for the updated address. Full Fee $85

Extended Travel Areas: A server may charge an additional fee for rual areas requiring additional travel time or cost to reach area. $50+

On Demand Surveillance: As needed survelliance for evasive servees. 2 hour minimum. Up to $85 a hour

Temporary Restraining or Protective Order: Additional fee for service of temporary restrining or protective orders to reflect the additional hazards involved with this type of service. $85

Military Base and Jail/Prison Serve: Additional fee for serves at military bases, jails or prisons. $85+

Email Documents for service.